Frequently Asked Questions


The Summer 18-19 open enrollment period is 4/1/19 – 6/15/19.

The Annual/Fall open enrollment period is 6/1/19 – 9/16/19.
          (Annual Installment Enrollment Option ends 9/14/19)

The Spring open enrollment period is 11/1/19 – 1/13/20.
          (Spring Installment Enrollment Option ends 1/13/20)

The Summer open enrollment period is 4/1/20 – 6/15/20.

2019-2020 Plan Changes

The plan changes for the upcoming academic school year include:

} Undergraduate students must be enrolled in AT LEAST SEVEN (7) credit hours EACH SEMESTER to be eligible for the plan.

} Graduate voluntary students must be enrolled in AT LEAST FOUR (4) credit hours EACH SEMESTER to be eligible for the plan.

} International Students, Health Institution Students, Students working on research, dissertation or thesis, post doctorate, scholars, fellows, ESL program students, Fast Track Program Students, visiting scholars and students who are deemed full-time students by campus Disability Services, or other groups with reduced coursework that meet the criteria for exemption as approved by the UT System, are exempt from the above credit hour requirements.

} Enrollment will be verified EACH SEMESTER - Fall and Spring. For students applying for new UTSHIP coverage to be active for a Summer semester, additional enrollment requirements will apply.

} If you enroll in the SHIP and do not meet eligibility requirements, your insurance coverage will be terminated, and you will be refunded the paid premium, minus any claims.

} Continuation coverage, which allows a student who is no longer eligible for UTSHIP to continue coverage under UTSHIP for a period of 3 months, is only available for International and Health Institution students.

If you have any questions, please email